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All applications for ISRC Registrant Codes shall be addressed to the National ISRC Agency relevant to the territory where the applicant is either headquartered, or at the choice of the applicant, in a territory within which the applicant’s operations are based.

To apply for an ISRC code, please find details below:

1. ISRC Application Forms ----Two separate forms, one for registration and the other for Digital Release - Only
2. Request Letter on the applicant company's letterhead for ISRC Application (Please mention if you want ISRC Code for audio and video both).
3. Pan Card Copy and Aadhar Card / Address Proof (with the company's stamp and signature)
4. Copy of MoA and AoA ("MoA" and "AoA" refers to 'memorandum of association" and "articles of association", which is applicable only in the case of a company and does not apply to proprietorship/partnerships)
5. Copy of partnership deed in case of Partnership
6. Inlays of your audio release (5 to 6 copies - one inlay of each album in hard copy)

Please courier the hard copies of the appropriate requirements to the address below:

The Indian Music Industry,
266, Kanchwala Building, 2nd Floor,
Dr. Annie Besant Road,
Opp. Old Passport Office, Worli,
Mumbai 400 030