IFPI conducted the Digital Music Study 2017 in April 2017 across 17 of the world’s major music markets.
India was a key part of the study which explored consumer usage of music services. This document explores the major results from the responses of the 900 surveyed users from India.

Major Findings:

+ Music is central to lives of most surveyed Indian users: 98% of internet users consume licensed music through methods like audio and video streaming or by purchasing CDs or downloads.

+ Surveyed music consumers in India listen to more music per week than in any other country worldwide but one.

+ Video streaming services like YouTube are very popular in India but are the biggest reason for creating the “value gap”: these services do not return fair value to artists and record companies.

+ Piracy continues to threaten the future viability of the recorded music industry in India with 94% of consumers admitting to pirating music in the last six months.

+ The music industry in India is at an exciting stage and there is optimism in many areas about future growth. However, without action on the value gap and tools to help fight piracy, the potential for growth is at risk.

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