March 09, 2018

Kolkata – The Indian Music Industry the apex body that represents the recorded music industry on a pan India basis has formed an Eastern Working Group to specifically look into the challenges faced by the recorded music industry in Eastern India.

The working group will comprise of Mr.  D. Lahri (Director, Asha Audio), Mr. Prem Kumar Gupta (Director, Raga Music) and Mr.  Biplab Updhaya (Sr. Manager, Times Music). And a board member of IMI, Mr. Devraj Sanyal (MD & CEO, UMG) will be the Sherpa of the eastern working group.

Mr. Lahri (Asha Audio) said “he welcomes the formation of EWG and looks forward to holding regular interactions with the IMI Board,  the IMI  members from Eastern India and finding various solutions to improve the business of the eastern India record companies”.

Mr. Blaise Fernandes (President IMI) said “his first task was to organise a number of workshops for members in eastern India to acquaint them on the ever-changing digital landscape, which is a huge opportunity for the music labels , alongside working  with the cyber-crime cells of the various states in Eastern India to tackle digital piracy”