The M&E Sector in India has an economic contribution of US$23.9 billion and is on track to cross US$33.6 billion by 2021. A derivative or ancillary of the M&E sector is live events which has an economic contribution of US$1.05 billion. These economic indicis are restricted to Film, TV and Music. It does not include the other creative industries like Theatre, Art (such as tribal Warli folk paintings) & Sculpture (US$ 204 million), Crafts including handicrafts (US$ 3.6 billion), Artisanal textiles (such as Phulkar from Punjab, Chanderi from Madhya Pradesh and Ikats from Andhra Pradesh)- US$343 Million. The extended creative industry is a touch point for #skillindia #msmeindia #digitalindia #startupindia #makeinindia. It is also a huge employment generator in the formal and informal sector alongside self-employed and gig economy workers. Lastly, the Creative Industry has been identified as a champion sector by the Department of Commerce, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India.

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