New Delhi, October 17, 2019: The Esya Centre, a think-tank that researches issues which lie at the intersection of technology and policy, organised a Roundtable discussion on radio broadcasting today.
Participants included Dr Megha Patnaik, Fellow, Esya Centre and Assistant Professor, Indian Statistical Institute. Dr Mark Schultz, Goodyear Tyre and Rubber Company Endowed Chair in Intellectual Property Law and Director, Intellectual Property and Technology Law Program, University of Akron School of Law, also spoke at the event.
The Roundtable was organised to discuss regulatory issues that hamper the growth of India’s radio industry. FM radio accounts for 22 percent of music listening time across platforms (TV, Internet and Internet streaming) but accounts for less than three percent of total industry revenues. India has 369 private radio stations which earn Rs 3100 crore annually. Yet, they pay only Rs 60 crore to the music industry.
In this context, it becomes imperative to revisit rules and regulations that were framed when the radio industry was in its infancy.

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